"We condemn manipulation": ANFP speaks out against the publication of Deputy Cariola

The ANFP condemns the use of logos and emblems of national teams in the campaign to promote the Approval of the New Constitution that will be voted on in the plebiscite on September 4.

There are days of great uncertainty, since in less than a month the plebiscite on September 4, about the new Constitution that could govern the country.

Faced with this important situation, both sides, the I approve and rejectthey began their campaigns to promote the thinking of these two poles. However, the sport has been involved in the dispute, since a few weeks ago, great commotion was generated by occupying the new shirt of La Roja in one of the crusades.

Now, it is again reason for controversial national footballbecause a few hours ago, the Deputy of the 9th district of the Metropolitan Region, Karol Cariolauploaded to his social networks an image that alludes to various teams of the national championship with the word ‘I approve’.


In the publication you see the badges of various teams of the Chilean tournamentWhat Cobreloa, United Curico, colo colo, Ñublense, Palestinian, Spanish Union, Santiago Wanderers Y Catholic University with University of Chilewhere the word is presented in giant ‘I approve’.

We condemn manipulation

However, this did not go over well with the Chilean Football Federationbecause they issued a statement where they repudiate the fact of showing the shields of the national casts in a political campaign.

Specifically, the letter of the ANFP, He explained that “on behalf of the aforementioned Chilean soccer clubs, We express our total disagreement with the use of the image and emblem of the clubs, relating them to political demonstrations”.

They later emphasized that “We condemn the manipulation that deputy Cariola tries to generate in soccer fans for non-sports purposes. The ANFP states that football is not a space for political campaigns and remember that FIFAin article 4 of its statutes, declares itself neutral in matters of politics and religion”.

Undoubtedly a situation that will continue to give talk in the weeks that remain for the important historical event in our country. It is missing that the Deputy Cariola is manifested, after the statement published by the national football regulator.

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