"We are building the future that our neighbors deserve"

“We are building the future that our neighbors deserve”

“Accompanying the families of our town and being able to help improve their quality of life is the engine that drives us to continue knocking on the necessary doors so that these solutions and answers arrive,” said the mayor of Barranqueras, Magda Ayala, in her visits to different homes in the community. There, together with the secretary Viviana Ayala and her team, she delivered electrical appliances to people with disabilities.

In an articulated work with the president of the Provincial Institute for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities of Chaco (IPRODICH) José Lorenzo, “we were able to finalize the delivery of these elements that are essential for young people like Victoria and Juan Bautista,” Ayala explained.

“Seeing them excites us, but they also give us a lot of strength. Because of them we get up every day with the main objective that at the end of the day we get closer to that Barranqueras of progress and hope that we dream of,” reflected the mayor.


In this context, he assured that “it is also important to remember that the team of the Secretariat for Persons with Disabilities located at Avenida 9 de Julio 5370, are from 7 to 19, advising and receiving documentation to advance in different procedures such as the Certificate Unique Disability or other assistance. But there is also a wide variety of activities, various workshops, and taekwondo classes will begin soon. Therefore, we invite the neighbors to come and enjoy these learning and recreation proposals”.

The communal chief concluded by saying: “With concrete actions in the present, we are building the future that each neighbor deserves.”

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