Wave of resignations in the National Government: 7 ministers and 2 secretaries resigned

After the result of the Open, SImultáneas and Mandatory Primaries, it was known that seven ministers of the Government of Alberto Fernández presented their resignation. It is also joined by two cabinet secretaries and directors. The Ministers of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” by Pedro, of Justice Martin Soria and Science and Technology, Roberto Salvarezza, of Culture, Tristán Bauer, together with the PAMI holder, Luana Volnovich y that of ANSES, Fernanda Raverta made available to the president Alberto Fernandez his resignations as a result of the hard electoral defeat suffered by the ruling party in the Primary elections.

“Listening to his words on Sunday night, where he raised the need to interpret the verdict expressed by the Argentine people, I have considered that the best way to collaborate with that task is by putting my resignation at his disposal,” De Pedro said in a letter that he sent to the Head of State.

Secretaries: 2 resignations
Productive Development – Domestic Trade – Paula Español
Justice – Secretary of Justice – Juan Martín Menna
Agency: At the moment 5 resignations
1. ANSES – Raverta
2. PAMI – Luana
3.    AA – Ceriani
4. ACCUMAR – Sabatella
5. INADI – Donda

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