Watch out! Alert about telephone extortion in Torreón

The Torreón Police Chief, César Perales, called on the population to avoid falling into telephone fraud, extortion and other types of blackmail, this after a complaint regarding an alleged security operation emerged on social networkssame in which characters such as Governor Miguel Riquelme or Mayor Román Alberto Cepeda are mentioned to guarantee that the victims do not hang up the phone, later they pass themselves off as members of organized crime and proceed to carry out extortion actions.

From the above, Mention has been made in private and public Facebook groups and even WhatsApp, although so far the Torreón Police do not have any official report on this type of crime.In any case, they call on the population to find out about official security operations and actions only in official media and formal press channels, not in phone calls, messages on networks and other unsupported media.

“I believe that the citizenry is not so naive to sit down or take for granted that the mayor lends himself to that, neither is his servant, he is the one who allows himself to be surprised, the speed of the extortion is the mental ability of the criminalwhat is capable of speaking and what you are capable of reacting in a cerebral way”.

Perales also asked citizens to avoid providing personal data or more information to those who request it by phone or social networks under any pretext, in addition to recommending to hang up at the momentsaid that there are official complaint channels that also serve the authorities to locate the origin of these activities, establishing investigations to punish those who are responsible.

It should be remembered that in the week that ends, some groups on social networks reported a new form of extortion, the same in which calls are received from a supposed authority representing Governor Riquelme and the Mayor of Torreónthis before the execution of an alleged “night” security operation, for which personal data and more information are requested, this to then give way to a revelation of another false identity, in which it is admitted that in reality it is part of the “organized crime” and that payments must be made to prevent harm.

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