Vizzotti and Soria created a commission to implement standards for Mental Health services

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, and her Justice and Human Rights counterpart, Martín Soria, jointly resolved to create the Permanent Commission of Work and Technical Assistance for the Implementation of the Standards of Mental Health Services, in order to give compliance with the law and develop standards for authorization and periodic supervision of these services, whether public or private.

As reported in a statement, the commission was created in accordance with the provisions of article 34 of the National Mental Health Law No. 26,657, which indicates that “the Enforcement Authority must promote, in consultation with the Ministry of Human Rights and with the collaboration of the jurisdictions, the development of licensing standards and periodic supervision of public and private mental health services”.

“It is a political decision of the national government to guarantee rights to those who have mental health conditions,” Vizzotti said, while stressing that “this joint resolution is part of the federal strategy that complies with article 34 of the National Health Law Mental”.

Made up of representatives designated by the Ministry of Health and by the Human Rights Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the purpose of this commission is to work together with the 24 jurisdictions of the country in the development of standards for authorization, supervision, accreditation, certification, monitoring, auditing, oversight and evaluation of public and private mental health services.

In this regard, Minister Soria stated: “The task of the Commission will allow for effective monitoring of services and establishments linked to mental health, monitoring the validity of adequate parameters and considerably improving the control of compliance with the rights of people. with mental illnesses throughout the national territory.

The proposals prepared by the commission will be submitted for approval to the Human Rights Secretariat and the National Directorate of Mental Health and Addictions of the Ministry of Health.

These, it was explained, must guarantee compliance with all the rights established in the National Mental Health Law No. 26,657, which aims to ensure the right to mental health protection for all people, and the full enjoyment of the rights humans of those with a mental illness.

The members of the commission will be suitable and suitable professionals in the field, with recognized backgrounds linked to the field of health, mental health and human rights.

In addition, “in order to fulfill its objectives, the commission may require the collaboration and participation of experts from other agencies or agencies and specialized personnel, state agencies, scientific societies, civil society entities, academics, officials or experts in the field, public or private universities”.

Also participating in the meeting were the Undersecretary for Management of Services and Institutes, Edith Benedetti; and the director of Mental Health and Addictions, Mariana Moreno.

On behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the Secretary of Justice, Juan Martín Mena; the chief of staff of the Ministry of Justice, Gimena del Río; the Secretary of Human Rights, Horacio Pietragalla Corti; and the Undersecretary for Protection and International Liaison on Human Rights, Andrea Pochak.


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