Viral: Cuteness! Puppy learns to give his grandmother his paw to pray before eating (VIDEO)

Now with the social media it is very common for people to upload videos about different things, these become viral in a matter of seconds.

The ones that cannot be missing are the clips of puppies, which move all users because of how cute they are or even because of the pranks they get up to.

This time a German Shepherd breed puppy caught people’s attention, after the canine was in the company of his grandmother for a few weeks, and at that time she taught to bless the food before lunch and he learned very well.

The video went viral and was shared by the user Ana LondoƱo (@anitalond) on TikTokwho narrated what was happening with the puppy, pointed out that while he was with his grandmother he learned to pray before lunch.

It can be seen that the puppy gives the paw to his grandmother to begin the prayer, he waits for it to end, he gives her the blessing and then he eats his food.

Users fell in love with the video and left their comments.

So far the video has more than 664 thousand reproductions, around 100 thousand likes and 674 comments.



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