VIRAL: Curious parrot peeks into a security camera and falls in love with Internet users

BRAZIL.- Without a doubt parrots are animals that cause a lot of grace and tenderness for being so unique.

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In the city of Parana, a small flyer was caught on a security camera that recorded the traffic of a highway. the parrot He appeared for a few seconds, looking very curious through the lens.

The in charge of monitoring the cameras became aware of the visit and reported:

This morning we received a special visit in one of the cameras of our CCTV circuit, at km 115 of the BR-116 / PR, in Curitiba. The species was identified as a parrot, with the scientific name Amazona Aestiva. I was just looking.”

Although the original recording seems to be from a long time ago, andThe clip was recently resharede on the Twitter account @saintloyal and has become even more viral.

Currently has almost 6 million views and 243 thousand likes.

Like when you block your ex on Whats but you have their Instagram,” one user wrote.

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