VIRAL: boy reacts badly while watching how the TV in his house is seized: "it’s not worth it"

HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- When it comes to paying and owing people who seize They are usually cold and hard people who only go for their belongings and that’s all.

However, there are cases in which when the time to seizepeople are exposed and recorded through mobile phones, as it happened in a video on TikTok where it was shown how a child cried and begged that his television would not be taken away.


Via TikTok account @michi.8880 where you can see how a group of people take a television that was supposedly where the minor played Fornithine and that’s why he was devastated to see how they took her away.

His relatives try to control him since the little one does not stop crying, and thus they manage to get the television out.

“Like when they are seizing you and they take your TV where you play Fornite” it is read in the video, and as expected the comments did not wait and it is that for several people “it is not worth” what they did to the poor boy and they assure that perhaps it was just the only way he had the best to entertain himself.

“No, it’s not addiction, it’s the same reaction everyone has if they take away your favorite toy”; “And whose responsibility is it? If you don’t have money, don’t get into debt”; “No, the education of the family is not reflected in the child, any child would react like this, if they are taking away your only means of entertainment”; “It is not worth”; “What hurts are the cries of the child”is read between reactions.

The video already exceeds 400 thousand likes and thousands of commentsthere is no doubt that minors are not to blame for some of the irresponsibility of their parents.

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