VIDEO: This is how she reacts to finding her boyfriend with another

HERMOSILLO, Son.- In this video you can see a woman who discovers his partner with another woman, this same went viral on the internet for the impressive way the girl reacted to discovering that they were unfaithful to her.

This video was shared in the social network tiktok by user “@javiersolis0_0” here show the moment in which the young woman enters the restaurant and discovers his partner with someone else.

In the video we can see the
young man screaming and how he is in shockWhile the
another woman sits at the table observing the momentthe man gets up and
try to calm the first woman as she runs and jumps from one place to another.

“She found the boyfriend with another and this is the reaction” this was what is seen written next to the video by the Internet user.

The comments were given

The video has 3.9 million views on TikTok Y thousands of comments of users who use the social network where they say that the girl’s reaction is worrying, Well, it can be obvious that I’m panicking.

Some of the comments that were noted based on that video were these:

  • “Why the laugh? The girl is clearly in shock.”
  • “People laugh but they are very strong emotions and that is hers, poor thing”
  • “The feeling is very strong, it is preferable to be dead, I assure you. The voice of experience speaks
  • “It hurt me a lot to see this”

But also a question was opened by the same users since it seemed that the girl was happy and jumping with emotion and these were some comments:

  • “I’m free, I’m free”
  • “I don’t know if it gave him emotion or courage”
  • “I thought it was Badabun”
  • “Did it give you excitement or courage?”
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