Video: outrage over a dog that was given fernet in Mendoza

This Monday a video went viral in Mendoza that shows a group of young people giving a dog a drink, supposedly alcoholic, to drink.

“This happened in Mendoza! Bored young people, who think they are funny and pretend to be alive with a defenseless animal that approached them,” denounced the organization “Their legs in our hands” on their social networks.

From the non-profit association for the defense of animal rights, which operates in San Martín, they asked their followers to viralize the video and report the accounts of those responsible on Instagram. “Enough of staying silent, let’s defend the innocence and vulnerability of animals, especially those who are on the streets and have the misfortune of encountering these violent ones,” the statement added.

The film shows how a young man holds the stray dog ​​and another introduces him, opens his mouth and introduces the drink. “Go wachiiii”, says one of them, who laughs after the fact. In the background you can hear music, conversations and laughter from other people, both men and women.

Although there are no details on the date and place of the event, which caused strong repudiation and outrage on social networks, an Instagram user assured that it occurred last year, presumably in Luján de Cuyo or Maipú.

Beyond the complaint on social networks, the case has already reached the Justice, where this Monday a formal presentation was made through the website of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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