Video: Fatal Los Angeles highway crash leaves 5 dead, 9 injured

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES.- A fatal accident it took place in The Angels last Thursday, August 4, within the area of Windsor Hills west of the metropolis around 1:40 p.m. The incident was recorded by security cameras in the area.

A driver caused the crash after ignoring the signs -including the red light- and continue driving the busy avenue, which led to the vehicle colliding with several vehicles before catch fire.

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The shocking event resulted in the death of four adults, child Y a fetus (since one of the victims was pregnant). Also, nine people they turned out wounds and eight of them were transferred to the “Ronald Reagan Medical Center” hospital.

Material damage included six vehicles damagedof which three were completely consumed by the fire that resulted from the crash.

The person responsible was a woman of about 40 years of age, who was driving a speeding over 150 KM/H. The woman is hospitalized and in critical condition, but she was reported alive.

Jaime González, who serves as spokesperson for the California Highway Patrolcommented:

It is an accident that I have seen that was very serious. I’ve never seen an accident like this. During the investigation we found that there were six victims who died in the event ”

According to the official, at the beginning six lifeless bodies were registered. However, with the development of research another victim found of the event. The body was found inside one of the burning vehicles. The body was partially calcined.

A witness to the accident commented: “I was about to put gas and suddenly, I heard all the noises of all the collisions, and then the fire explosion and I saw things metal and flying things in the air. So I took cover behind.”

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