VIDEO: Family enjoys an afternoon in the pool inside a pantheon in Durango

DURANGO.- A video shared on Facebook, where a user invites people to take a bath in a particular place, It has started to go viral.

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In the recording you can see a family from La Laguna who spends an afternoon at the pool in the Municipal Pantheon of Lerdo. The man shows the location where they are and says:

Just look, why do they want a fifth? Why do they want a pool if we have one here at the Pantheon?”

For her part, the woman laughs and tells him not to go to record live and that he is not going to upload the video to “face” either. The man assured:

We are in the best villa in La Laguna, the pantheon. Ira just cool”.

The lady exclaimed:

We have to get used to our future home”.

Woman assures that the water was clean

The video lasts 31 seconds and was published on June 16. It has 20 thousand reproductions. There are comments for and against. One user wrote:

That water must have fungus, they must be very careful with that”.

The “China blog”, who apparently is the woman in the video, replies that the water was clean because that day the sinks had been washed.

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