Venezuelan Migration in Colombia: what will happen to the migrants – Government – Politics

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With the new national government, bilateral relations have already taken on a new look with the reestablishment of relations and the opening of borders, so there seems to be a new outlook for the migrant population in Colombia.

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With this scenario in mind, the Universidad del Rosario, with the support of the German Konrad Adenaeur Foundation and EL TIEMPO Casa Editorialhas conducted a large national survey on migration.

The findings of said survey will be presented in the forum ‘Venezuelan migration in Colombia. What will happen to the migrants?’. You can follow the transmission through EL TIEMPO and its social networks.

The document includes 12 challenges for priority action and 57 recommendations for the new government, “as an input in the four-year period that is beginning and without a doubt for the people who are making decisions as leaders,” he said.

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