Venezuelan counterattack: one of the crew members of the stranded plane denounced a government official

Victor Perez Gomezone of the 19 crew members of the plane stranded in Ezeiza for his alleged links with international terrorism, initiated the Venezuelan counterattack and criminally denounced the director of the Airport Security Police (PSA), José Glinski, accusing him of being responsible for an “illegal search” of the aircraft last Friday, when the Boeing 747 had been at the Ezeiza airport for four days, but the case had not yet been prosecuted.

It is the first reaction of one of the central protagonists of this case, which are the 14 Venezuelans and five Iranians who wait in a hotel in Canning for a definition of Justice. The counterattack consisted of denouncing an Argentine government official giving his version of the events since the plane entered Argentina.

Meanwhile, federal judge Federico Villena reviews the computers and telephones of the 19 (who share the same lawyers) and crosses international databases to determine if they are indeed related to Islamic terrorism.

In addition to being a passenger on the Emtrasur plane, Perez Gomez is the general manager of operations of that company, which is part of the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services SA (Conviasa) and has been sanctioned in the United States since February 2020. Pérez Gómez asked to be a plaintiff in the case and be recognized as a victim .

Glinski and his people are the only Argentine officials he targeted. He also criticized Shell (says that the plane had the complete procedure to load fuel, but that the oil company informed them that it was not going to supply it without giving a “specific reason”) and questions Uruguay especially harshly for its decision not to let them land in Montevideo. “Not only did it endanger the operational safety of the flight that it had previously approved, but being aware of the fuel limitations with which we departed from the Ezeiza airport, they criminally prevented an internationally agreed technical stopover,” said Pérez Gómez of the Uruguayan officials.

From the PSA They maintain that the complaint is baseless. “We have the possibility of reviewing all non-scheduled flights and we do it very frequently,” they maintained in the agency.

“The PSA officials acted without warning the competent judicial authority and even less without mediating any type of judicial order that enables them to search the foreign-flagged plane,” Pérez Gómez said in his complaint against the PSA.


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