Val d’Europe: cities launched in a hunt for expenses

With the inflation of energy prices, the race for savings is launched in the municipalities of Val d’Europe. Many dim the lighting but should we sacrifice the Christmas decorations? ©DR

Stop lavish spending! Sobriety, exemplary… in Val d’Europe as everywhere, the municipalities are launched in a race for savings at the end of 2022. But without penalizing the inhabitants or cutting corners on the magic of Christmas… But enough to manage their budget.

If new obligations such as the Tertiary decree force to decrease their energy consumption, and that many measures have already been taken in previous years, it is good inflation current situation that creates urgency.

“If we don’t make an effort, the cost of energy could represent €600,000, or 6% of the budget next year”, notes Véronique Flament, the mayor of Magny le Hongre. In Bailly-Romainvilliers, the bill rose from €400,000 in 2019 to €610,000 in 2021.

Switch off or dim public lighting

Among the shared savings measures, there is the renewal of public lighting for the benefit of LEDs less energy-intensive, on which cities have already made good progress. But this year, they go further by generalizing the limitation of night lighting. Thus, Montry chose to cut the lighting between midnight and 5 am.

But for the most part in Val d’Europe, the municipalities opt for a modulation lighting power, 50 to 90% according to schedules, like Coupvray, Magny and Bailly.

There are a lot of concerns about extinguishing for safety. And sometimes, as with boilers, it is better to leave them running at minimum than to turn them off and on again: this consumes more!

Anne Gbiorcyk, mayor of Bailly-Romainvilliers

Sometimes, everything is decided on a case-by-case basis, as in Magny le Hongre, where certain neighborhoods – the most energy-consuming – will in turn try total extinction, others the extinction of one street light out of two, to draw benefits from it. teachings.

Are the gains real? In Coupvray, thanks to the switch to LEDs for all public lighting, the city is achieving 57% savings in terms of consumption and 38% on the cost of the invoice. In Magny, consumption savings are estimated in a similar range, around 60%.

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Put lights on for Christmas or not?

A sufficient saving to maintain the Christmas lights, obviously. If Villeneuve-le-Comte has already opted for years for decorations without lights in favor of Christmas trees decorated pallets balls and garlands, most cities want to preserve the tradition of illuminations.

Isn’t there a contradiction? “The climate is already gloomy enough. We want to find a bit of the festive atmosphere in the streets, ”explains the mayor of Bailly. On the other hand, in the municipality, the light decorations will be installed later and will be cut off earlier, around 10:30 p.m..

The mayor of Magny, who shares this opinion, for example indicated that the decorated candelabras would be extinguished, to avoid a dual consumption : “The LED decorations consume less than the old lampposts”.

A balancing act

Despite everything, sobriety remains in the background of thought. The hunt for losses also results in savings other than electricity.

Cities are undertaking auditsWorks insulationthermal optimization of buildings by lowering the heater… but without penalizing its occupants.

It is a balancing act that cities have to face. Each tries to find the most suitable solutions and adapts its timetable for their implementation, hoping that this will be enough to cushion this increase in costs.

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