Uspallata: a truck driver found 20 thousand dollars hidden

A truck driver who was traveling along route 7 was delayed in a routine check by the Gendarmerie and they found a significant amount of Dollars that he had not declared. The money was seized, while the driver was able to continue on his way.

The procedure was carried out at kilometer 1202, when members of the “Punta de Vacas” Reinforced Section inspected a cargo transport.

Gendarmes during the search

In the cabin area, under the bed, they found a white envelope containing several Dollars; when counting them, the gendarmes concluded that it was about 20 thousand. As the driver did not have the legal documentation to carry that amount – it is allowed to transport up to 10 thousand Dollars undeclared – the money was seized.

The case was left in the hands of Federal Court 1 and although the man was not arrested, he may be called to testify in the coming days.


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