USA: In Florida, young people broke into an $8 million mansion to throw an unauthorized party; they uploaded it to networks and now they are being identified

United States.- Florida police officers iThey identified some of the partygoers who broke into an $8 million mansion and threw a wild and unauthorized party, authorities said Wednesday.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office has “identified many of the young people” seen out of control during early Saturday morning inside the mansion on Blackwater Street at Watercolor, where partygoers staged a boxing match in a lobby while drinking alcohol and listening to loud music.

No names have been revealed While researchers work to determine who stole items from the house, including sports memorabilia and a video game console, the sheriff’s spokeswoman told The Post, Corey Dobridnia.

“It could take weeks for this family to figure out what’s missing,” the sheriff said. “Vaa be difficult for them to know exactly what they took”.

The five-bedroom, eight-bathroom property, listed on Zillow for $7,950,000, was vandalized by about 250 people who attended the party, Dobridnia said.

The family that lives there has two children under the age of 10 and will file charges for the unauthorized partywhich had been advertised on social media for at least five days, Dobridnia said.

The family left town, but someone had been in the house since Friday afternoon, he said, adding that a back door was opened before the home was taken over.

“If you had a part in this, we encourage you to come forward. and take responsibility,” the sheriff continued. “The videos are disturbing as well as revealing… All these young men wanted to brag that they broke into this house and they showed a total lack of respect towards everyone.”

Some of the participants were identified by their parents, school resource officers, or other local offices, it was informed. No arrests had been made until early Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, the owners are feeling uneasy after the illegal party at the house, authorities said.

“You can replace your stuff, but you can’t replace the peace of mind after the kids have gone into the bathroom and tried on clothes,” Dobridnia said. “You can’t put a price on a breach of privacy, and that’s what it is.”

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