US Border Patrol detains 15 Cuban rafters after arriving in Florida Key

The Border Patrol of the United States (USBP) responded on Thursday afternoon to a third landing of migrant cubans in Florida Keys.

“US Border Patrol agents and partners responded to a third Thanksgiving landing of migrants in the Florida Keys. In this case, the agents encountered 15 Cuban migrants who arrived in a homemade boat to Big Pine Key,” the head of the USBP in the Miami sector, Walter, said on Twitter Thursday afternoon. N.Slosar.

Also on Thursday morning, the USBP attended two other landings of migrants that left a total of 36 Cubans arrested on the morning of this Thanksgiving.

“Early in the morning of Thanksgiving DayMiami Sector Border Patrol agents, with support from The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, responded to multiple migrant landings in the Florida Keys, encountering 36 Cubans,” USBP said on Twitter.

The US authorities have insisted for months on the serious dangers of jumping into the sea to cross the Straits of Florida, but nothing has managed to stop the exodus of Cubans by sea.

Just two months before the start of the current fiscal year, the statistics are showing shocking data on the number of Cubans detained at sea or upon reaching US territory.

From October 1 to the present, the authorities confirm that they have been intercepted more than 2,243 rafters coming from Cuba.

The data represents a third of the 6,182 Cuban rafters detained in fiscal year 2022, which confirms that Cuba is experiencing the greatest migration crisis in its history.

This Wednesday the USBP reported the arrest of a group of 19 Cuban rafters who disembarked at Key Colony Beach, in the Florida Keys, after making a long journey from Cuba in a white-painted boat called “El Benao.”

The night before, the USBP went to another landing of migrants at Surfside, Miami-Dade. It occurred in a beach area, at the height of Collins Avenue and 87th Street.

There were approximately ten migrants, but at the moment there is no information on who these people have been identified, nor their country of origin.

For several months, most of the rafters intercepted at sea have been repatriated to the island.

This Tuesday the US Coast Guard (USCG) returned to the island 185 Cuban migrants who were detained in six operations carried out between Wednesday and Saturday of last week, near the Florida Keys.

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