Unusual accusation by an adviser to Axel Kicillof: Did Mauricio Macri manipulate the VAR in Argentina-Saudi Arabia?

the sanitarian Jorge Rachid and adviser to the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillofstated that the former president Mauricio Macri influenced the defeat of the Argentine National Team through the VAR against Saudi Arabia in the debut of the national team in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The national team lost 2-1 against Saudi Arabia in their World Cup debut with a controversial goal disallowed Lautaro Martinez.

“There is a manipulation that can lead to erasing the joy of the Argentine people. A happy people is not the same as a sad people. Macri is president of the Foundation of the FIFA, one of the most corrupt places on the planet. Himself (Gianni) infantino named him”, started rachid.

Macri, during the Argentina match.

Along the same lines, the Peronist maintained that the ex-president has the will to harm the Argentina and added that it “instruments it through the VAR“: “Who puts the people of the VAR? me or the FIFA?”.

The physician with close ties to the kirchnerism He denied hating Macri, but accused him of integrating spaces with links to corruption: “I don’t hate anyone. I’m not biased, I know who Macri is and I classify him as what he is: a corrupt character who is part of the management of the FIFA“.

Rachid tweeted after the match between Argentina and the Arab team: “Macri He was in the box enjoying the defeat. I said it yesterday: it is part of the device FIFA corrupt, gangster, swindler. The annulled goals did not come from a cabbage, but from the VAR. Who drives the FIFA? it’s not mufa, Macri. He is perverse, manipulative. It is capable of any action to harm.”

The former head of state was present at the debut of the Selection in Qatar. He saw it from one of the official boxes, surrounded by Arab sheikhs, and showed himself wearing a scarf with the Argentine colors, while he closely followed the match at the Lusail stadium.

Mauricio Macri traveled as one of the holders of the FIFA Foundationa position he held ad honorem, last Friday, and since then he has settled in Doha to participate in the World Cup.


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