Unstoppable inflation: reaches 7.88% in the first half of June

Inflation continued its upward trend during the first half of June, with its highest level in more than 21 years, driven by increases in the prices of agricultural goods, bread, tortillas, electricity and natural gas, among others, reveal the published data. by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

In the first fortnight of June 2022, the National Consumer Price Index grew 0.49% compared to the previous fortnight. With this result, annual headline inflation stood at 7.88%the highest rate since the first half of January of January 2001.

Among the goods and services that reported the greatest increases, The food group that reported an annual increase of 13.08% in the first half of June stands out againits largest increase since the first half of September 1999, when it reported a rise of 13.68%.

inside, the increases in the prices of wheat flour stand out with an annual rise of 27.65%; white bread, 24.19% and corn tortilla, 14.57% in the reference period.

Among the fruits and vegetables with the greatest increases are the potato with an annual rise of 46.13% in the first half of June; green beans, 25.56%; watermelon, 22.92%; orange, 20.47%; chayote, 15.05%; and dried chili, 13.07%.

In terms of meat and poultry products, the cases of the egg with an annual increase of 21.13%; chicken, 17.33%; beef, 15.64%; and fish, 14.07%.

In the energy sector, it stands out again natural domestic gas with an annual increase of 18.66%; electricity, 10.64%; as well as regular and premium gasoline with increases of 7.71% and 7.22% respectively, despite the government subsidy.

For its part, tourist package services that rose 17.62% in the framework of the holiday periodas well as automobile insurance with an increase of 10.14%.

The underlying price index, includes goods and services whose prices are less volatileincreased 0.50% at a fortnightly rate and 7.47% annually, its highest rate since the second fortnight of 2000. Inside, the prices of merchandise increased 0.64% and those of services, 0.33% at a fortnightly rate.

In the same period, the non-core price index rose 0.49% fortnightly and 9.13% at an annual rate. Within the non-core index, at a fortnightly rate, the prices of agricultural products grew 0.85% and those of energy and tariffs authorized by the government, 0.19%.

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