Unión Magdalena defeated Envigado and is the leader of the closing tournament

The BetPlay League is in your sixth date and the participating teams seek to perform in the best possible way on the field of play, to score points and thus climb squares in the standings.

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, the match was played between F.C. Y Magdalena Union from the Polideportivo Sur stadium. Envigado arrived at the meeting in high spirits, after having defeated the Deportivo Cali with a three-for-zero score on the previous date. Those led by Alberto Suarez they were the revelation of last season, having qualified for the semifinal home runs.

The orange team has had a difficult start in the BetPlay League II and accumulates 5 points having won one game, drawn two and lost two. The “quarry of heroes” sought to add units against the “banana cyclone” in order to climb positions and be closer to the top 8.

Thus he formed Envigado FC. Photo: Instagram @envigadofc

On the other hand, the samarium set is off to a great start in the second semester. The team led by Claudio Sergio Rodriguez Y David Ferrera surprised Colombian football by having won 3 games in 5 games played, ranking among the top positions in the table. The “cyclone” has been leading in the offensive by the striker Ricardo “The Horse” Marquez, which arrived to reinforce Unión Magdalena for the second semester. The striker has 4 goals and an assist, improving his performance in the first half of the year with Millonarios FC.

The ball rolled at 2 in the afternoon and both teams tried to dominate the ball in order to manage the timing of the game. The Magdalena Union He was the one who began to disturb the rival area, through collective plays and deep balls, which sought to create spaces in the defense of the “quarry of heroes”.

Thus formed Union Magdalena.  Photo: Twitter @UnionMagdalena

Thus formed Union Magdalena. Photo: Twitter @UnionMagdalena

The first goal of the match reached the 28th minute, when Brayan Correa lowered a ball into space on the left side with his chest, surpassed his marker in speed and made a cross at ground level to the penalty spot, where the Argentine Diego Chavez, he hit the ball with his left leg and sent it into the back of the net. After this goal, the local team began to press and in the complement of the first half, the Venezuelan Jesus Hernandez finished in the area and beat the goalkeeper Bejarano to tie the match.

In the second time, the pace of the game dropped, although both teams were still looking to generate danger. The tie was broken at minute 84, thanks to james sanchezwho received a pass from Jonathan Lopera and managed to define after a nice collective play.

With this result, the “banana cyclone” is the partial leader of the BetPlay League II by adding 13 points. The next game of Magdalena Union It will be on August 12 when they face Atlético Bucaramanga.

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