Unión Laguna comes from behind and beats Mariachis in the first of the series

Coming from behind again, with a 5-run rally in the eighth inning, the Algodoneros del Unión Laguna beat the Mariachis de Guadalajara 9-6 last night, in the opening of the series that is being held at the Revolución stadium.

Early on, the Mariachis attacked, arriving in Torreón as the best batting team in the Mexican Baseball League and they showed it in the very first inning, scoring a couple of runs, both by way of the “king hit.” Aldo Montes opened the game for the Algodoneros and started Leo Heras with a strikeout, but immediately, the Venezuelan Luis Sardiñas took the right-hand fence, his fifth home run of the season started the score and a couple of batters later, the Baja Californian Fernando Pérez also parked it on the right, also his home run number 5 of the campaign, to widen the difference.


In the second inning Aldo suffered again against the Jalisco cannons, as Issmael Salas hit a double to the left and immediately, David Olmedo – Barrera disappeared the ball through the forest on the left, his fifth homer in the year, put the board 4 for 0 .

For the visitors, the right-hander Jesse Estrada opened the game, who managed to hang a couple of zeros at the dawn of the game, supported by a good defense from his infield, as well as an excellent play in relief shot, with which they put out in home to Adrian Tovalin.


However, the Lagunera offense carbureted during the closing of the third inning, in which they achieved a 4-run rally to equalize the score: Erick Aybar gave the attacking voice with a single to the right, followed by Nick Torres with a powerful hit line to the left to place runners in the corners and immediately, Jesús Castillo reached first after interference from the catcher, which filled the bases, with no outs.


Zach Kirtley responded with a fly ball to center field and Aybar scored on “step and run”, the house was filled again with a single by Fernando Flores and immediately afterwards, Tovalín detonated a double to left field, good for Torres and Castillo to reach the pentagon; The rally was rounded off with an infield hit by Fabián Campoy, which Flores took advantage of to seal the tie, although Tovalín ventured to run towards home plate, where they cooled him down again.

The tie was broken in the fifth inning when the Mariachis took the lead again, with an unearned run: Sardiñas reached first on an error by the first baseman, but Niko Vasquez delivered his teammate with a grounder for second. Vasquez stole second base and reached third on a grounder by Fernando Pérez and scored the momentary takeoff, thanks to a line by Anthony García, who put the hit ball in center field and took starter Montes out of the game, relieved by Alberto Leyva .


A good relief from Alejandro Chávez kept the local offense quiet during the sixth and seventh innings, but in the eighth roll the Guinda rebellion would arrive, attacking the shipments of the Dominican Gerson Bautista, who lived a nightmare inning. Kirtley gave the attacking voice with a single to left, Fernando Flores walked and was replaced by Alejandro Flores to run, while Jorge Sesma came in as a pinch hitter and when executing touch of the ball, the pitcher could not pick up the ball, for which filled the house and immediately, a wild pitch allowed Kirtley to score the tie.

The rebellion followed with a single by pinch-hitter Francisco Hernández, who put the ball in center field and carried Flores and Sesma towards home plate. Still, before pitches from left-hander Jason Gurka, Edgar Robles managed to reach first in a busy ball and from there he scored, driven by a double from Aybar, who in turn, scored with an infield hit from “Jesse” Castillo to round off the big rally. .

Josh Lueke came on to pitch the ninth and allowed one run, but ended the game by striking out Alan Garcia to secure the Guinda win to open the series.


Loiger Padrón claimed the victory by throwing a scoreless inning in relief, while the loss corresponded to Gerson Bautista, receiving 4 runs and barely getting one out.

The series will continue today, with a game at 6:00 p.m.; the announced starters are the left-hander Román Peña Zonta (0 – 0; 2.16 ERA) for Mariachis and Austin Bibens – Dirkx (0 – 1: 6.00 ERA) will debut with Unión Laguna.

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