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By Sebastian Arana

Union responded to the demand with a good game and defeated Racing de Avellaneda 81-70 to tie the play-off series of the second Repechage of the Federal Basketball League with one victory per side. This Saturday, at 9:30 p.m., the third and decisive match will be played in “El Quincho”.

There was a play-off atmosphere, with strong support for the visit, and Unión didn’t mind. The “light blue” team came out very focused on the game and got fifteen points of light in the first quarter. Cadillac led at his level, Bellozas imposed his mobility of movements in the post, Herrero his three-point shot and the whole team the counterattack.

The local cast was much superior to the scene. Racing, however, began to gain footing when the benches began to move and corrected its weak defensive balance from the start.

This is how the first quarter ended ten down (17-27) and he continued filing the difference by posting Alejo Toledo and with the trade of Nuñez to move near the windows.

With increased defenses, Racing finished down 35-38 in the first half and briefly took the lead at the start of the third quarter.

However, Union did not lose the axis. He suffered with Nuñez and especially with Toledo, but his defense managed to limit Racing’s offensive flow to just those two ways. On the other side, Cadillac took more shots than usual and Villalón added an open shot in a happy passage.

The local cast once again controlled the game. The definition, however, came in the final quarter. The entry of Tomás Quinteros was decisive to take charge of the defense of Toledo and to finish opening the defense of Racing with a clean bomb.

And Racing could no longer against that new variant. The 16 points of the young escort ended up rendering Avellaneda’s team. The third game is served.


Union (81): C. Cadillac 19, A. Villalon 10, JI Varas 6, M. Herrero 9 and JI Bellozas 14 (FI); L. Castellani 5, T. Quinteros 18 and F. Barrionuevo 0. DT: Ezequiel Santiago Medina.

Racing (70): JI Bello 7, A. Toledo 23, M. Pérez 6, M. Nuñez 23 and M. Fernández 0 (FI); L. Mohnen Vitabar 4, L. Fabiano 4, F. Caamaño 2, L. Ogallar Manzi 1 and F. Maza 0. DT: Fernando Rosanova.

Stadium: “El Quincho” of Union.
Referees: Alejandro Chantiri-Nicolás Larrasolo.
Partials: 27-17, 38-35 and 58-54.

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