Unhealthy clandestine slaughterhouse detected in Quilpué: Man who slaughtered a pig was arrested

a detained man left an inspection operation in the sector of the Fundo Las Pataguas de Quilpué, where a clandestine slaughterhouse for various species of livestock, where there was remains of cattle, pigs and horses slaughtered illegally.

The place provided at least one butcher shop in the commune, and in August residents of the sector had reported to the Municipality the existence of bad smells and flies, as indicated by the Mayor Valeria Melipillán.

The complaint was added to a overflight that the municipality carried out in the area to verify the status of a wetland, a circumstance in which the slaughterhouse was noticed, added the communal chief.


In the place it was found evidence that “allows to prove the existence of a clandestine slaughterhouse“, indicated the Carabineros captain Claudio Ramírez, commissioner of the commune, who indicated that upon arriving at the place A subject who was slaughtering a horse was flagrantly surprised.

“At the site we found cattle earmuffs, which have a registration number that allows us to contact the owners of those animals and establish whether they had been stolen. In the event that it is established that there is theft of animals, the investigation of cattle hunting will proceed. There are several things that have yet to be established, such as cattle hunting or animal abuse, “said Captain Ramírez.

Likewise, the officer realized that he will try to link the detainee with other people residing in the sector, since “Eventually there could be a kind of family network, but that will be part of the investigation.”

The illegal slaughterhouse “is a farm with several parcels inside: in the vicinity there is a crescent and In the perimeter there is this clandestine shed, where the animals were slaughtered and where all the evidence is: heads of cattle or horses were deposited in the same place, as were the skins“.


Bloodshed and the presence of other live animals, such as dogs, pigs and cattle resulted in infection vectors and a unhealthy scenario that generates health risk, said seremi Georg Hübner.

“Around 40 animals were not slaughtered and this is given as a background to the investigation. We were able to verify a series of facts that go against health regulations. (…) We have been able to observe animals slaughtered with a short time, but it is likely that this is from a long time ago, “said the health authority.

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Hübner also assured that those who fished illegally were suppliers of at least one butcher shop, “where there were about 300 kilos (of meat) that are going to be confiscated, together with the animal that was found at the scene of the slaughter, which makes around 500 kilos “.

We are going to proceed with the cessation and prohibition of the operation of the butcher shop, because it is not possible to prove the origin. Obviously this exposes people’s health … AND we are doing research on other (butcher shops) that could be linked to this issue “, the seremi pointed out.

The provincial delegate of Marga Marga, Carolina CortiHe pointed out that “the information has already been made available to the Prosecutor’s Office and there is a detainee who is going to detention control tomorrow.”

“This is a giant irresponsibility regarding public health”, noted the authority.

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