Unemployed caregiver, Véronique sings her CV to recruiters

Unemployed for three years, Véronique Sassin, a resident of Parmain (Val-d’Oise), wrote a song to tell her story and her professional career. (© The Val-d’Oise Gazette)

Unemployed and at the end of her rights, Véronique Sassin, a resident of Bymain (Val-d’Oise), is not one to feel sorry for himself.

Cv in song

At 56, it’s hard to convince an employer that you still want to work close to your heart, but Véronique has more than one string to her guitar… and an unfailing sense of humor.

“I did as Macron suggested: I crossed the street to find a job. Bad luck, in front of my house, it’s a field, ”laughs the interested party.

This mother, nurse’s aide profession, had an unusual idea to highlight his professional experience: tell his story and his Resume in singing.

“I noticed that employers hardly look at the CV. I didn’t want to make people cry in the cottages, but to tell my journey and my life in an original way. I wanted to touch my interlocutor. I show up with this song during the interview. It’s quite surprising. I had my Pôle Emploi adviser listen to it and it made him laugh. »

Veronique SassinCaregiver looking for a job and author of the sung CV

In 2019, Véronique worked at the Chantepie-Mancier geriatric hospital in L’Isle-Adam. She regularly pulled out her guitar and sang The Blue Java to his patients.

Work accident

One day, while carrying one of them, she falls violently. Accident at work, back surgery and the prohibition to carry heavy loads lead to his dismissal for incapacity. Véronique has the blues.

“I had to mourn a job that I loved for 33 years,” she sighs. Today, I can no longer be a nurse’s aide, but I would like to remain human. I am looking for a job in the homes of life, psychiatry or autism. I know I will bounce back. The song allows me to escape and exorcise my worries. »

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Three years have passed since her accident, but Véronique Sassin remains hopeful. She has no doubt that one day her song will fall on the right ear: that of a recruiter seduced by her original approach… and without false notes.

Notice to potential music-loving employers who are recruiting, Véronique can be reached on 06 70 60 44 86.

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