Undersecretary Vergara summons to form "country pact" public-private to fight crime

The Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara, outlined the need to form a “public-private country pact” to deal with insecurity, after high-profile cases of criminal violence such as the assault on the home of the Minister of Defense, Maya Fernández, and against a driver of the presidential escort.

In an interview with Meganoticias, the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara, stated regarding the Secretary of State’s case that “our concern is with her integrity, all procedures have been carried out, we have to deal with these events whether they happen to an authority or not.”

“The way we have to deal with crime, crime is without distinction. One of the mandates we have and it is also our conviction that it cannot be that in Chile talking about security becomes synonymous with inequality”founded.

In this sense, he maintained that “the authorities have to take responsibility and for this reason we cannot blame other institutions: I am responsible for crime prevention and I am going to be the one who is going to be evaluated for the work that I do from the beginning. point of view of the citizens and if they can or walk calmly”.

“Is the work of the Government, Carabineros, the PDI or the preventive role of the municipalities enough? Do not. The country moment forces us to have a public-private articulation and it does not seem correct to me that when there is a bad job in private security for a soccer game or concert, hundreds of carabineros have to be arranged to leave the territories that are suffering”, he summoned.

For this reason, he indicated, “in order to move forward, we need a country, public-private pact. When we reinforced 17 communes with carabineros, many say that the mayors came out to criticize, but they did not come out to criticize, they went out to do their job.”

Additionally, the undersecretary stressed that “the mandate we have from our minister and the President is that we go to the towns and communes.”

“That is my responsibility and I take it with a very great sense of urgency, which is the way we have to work to take charge of a country at a time without blaming other governments or institutions but working together,” he said.

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