Ukraine’s military intelligence chief predicts when the war will end: ‘The conflict will take a turn’

In an interview with British television channel Sky NewsMajor General Kyrylo Budanov predicted that the war in Ukraine would take a “turning point” in August and Russia will be defeated “before the end of the year”. “Most of the active combat actions will be completed by the end of this year. As a result, we will renew Ukrainian power in all the territories that we have lost, including Donbass and Crimea.”

This is the most accurate and optimistic prediction made so far by a senior Ukrainian official. According to him, Russia’s tactics have not changed despite its move east. Vladimir Putin’s army is also said to have suffered huge losses, although he did not want to dwell on Ukrainian losses.

He confirmed that Russian forces had been pushed back almost to the border around Kharkiv and that a recent attack on those trying to cross the Seversky Donets River had caused extensive damage.

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“A horde of people with weapons”

During this interview, Kyrylo Budanov also questioned the “myth of Russian omnipotence”. “Europe sees Russia as a great threat. They are afraid of his aggression. (…) We have been fighting Russia for eight years and we can say that this highly publicized Russian power is a myth. She’s not that powerful. It’s a horde of people with weapons.

Finally, General Budanov told Sky News that defeat in Ukraine would lead to the removal of Vladimir Putin in a coup, while claiming that the Russian leader was seriously ill with cancer.

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