Two die in a trailer overturning on the Torreón highway

Two people from Gómez Palacio died in a trailer overturn recorded on the Torreón-Saltillo highway, at kilometer 176, where the El Sol ejido is located, in the municipality of Parras, Coahuila.

The deceased are identified such as Ángel Bacilio Gómez Majares, 18 years old, and Perla Yadira Zamora Majares, 23 years old.

The accident occurred early Monday morning, when the woman and the young man were driving in a blue trailer heading to Nuevo León and at a certain moment the driver of the heavy double-trailer unit loaded with dairy lost control and then overturned.

Ángel and Perla ended up pressed between the twisted iron bars of the cabin, so paramedics from the Red Cross and personnel from the San Pedro Fire Department went to the scene, who they located both already lifeless and with the help of the so-called jaws of life they removed the irons to rescue the bodies.

It should be noted that inside the unit the authorities located empty beer cans and some others still with liquid, so it is presumed that the driver and the young man ingested the intoxicating drinks at the time of the accident.

The staff of the State Attorney General’s Office, Laguna II Delegation, from San Pedro, became aware of the accident, and the experts collected the evidence and the bodies, to transfer them to the SEMEFO facilities in Parras, for the practice rigorous necropsy.

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