Two arrested and more than a thousand doses of drugs seized

In different procedures carried out in the cities of Oran Y General GuemesDangerous Drugs personnel dthey arrested two men Y seized more than a thousand doses of drugs. They had been denounced for selling cocaine and marijuana from their homes.

The Police continue to strengthen actions against the micro traffic of drugs at the provincial level through investigative tasks that later materialize in procedures.

This is how members of the Oran Dangerous Drugs Division raided a building in the Osvaldo Pos neighborhood Y They arrested a 45-year-old man. kidnapped marijuana wrappers with a weight equivalent to 103 doses, money and cell phones.

As long as neighborhood 60 Homes from the city of General Guemes, members of the Criminal Narco Investigations Section of Sector 71-72 with a search warrant entered a house, arrested a 34-year-old man and seized a total of 907 doses Come in marijuana and cocaine.

Both homes raided had been reported as a mouth of sale on the website complaints. Based on the contribution of anonymous information made by the community, investigations were initiated, determining that narcotic substances were being marketed in the places.

drug seized 01

The two people delayed and the kidnapped They were made available to the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office 1, Guarantee Court No. 1 and UFINAR and Guarantee Court No. 4, respectively.

It should be noted that the site web complaints is a safe and anonymous way for the community in general to contribute information about drug dealers.

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