Turn Normandy. Power cuts possible in businesses this winter

In Vire Normandie (Calvados), around twenty companies came to find out about the next winter measures and to learn more about Ecowatt. ©The Voice Le Bocage

The tone is serious. And the urgency does not seem feigned. Thursday, November 10, 2022, in the evening, around twenty companies from virois basin responded to the call of sub-prefecture of the arrondissement of Vire for information. The theme: electrical load shedding. In other words, the temporary and targeted power cuts.

Vigilance this winter

Why this information meeting? Because many companies ask us about it. If nothing changes. If we don’t change our habits, we are exposing ourselves to difficulties this winter. It is important to be prepared.

Stéphanie Lefort, sub-prefect

The sub-prefect of the arrondissement of Vire adds that an effort has already been requested from companies, i.e. a 10% reduction in consumption, “in the medium term and that is already a lot. But today we are going to talk about the short term, that is to say, this winter”.

Indeed, France is impacted by the war in ukraine in terms of its energy supply. And, for now, half of its nuclear reactors are shut down. The time is therefore energy sobriety.

For companies, immediate measures are possible, as Guillaume Lefrançois, from Ademewho spoke by videoconference during the information meeting, such as the temperature of the heating in the factories, the maintenance of the equipment “starting and stopping a machine as close as possible to its operation”, or even the lighting, “this denier has a rebound effect since employees can keep this reflex of turning off the light for their home”.

Guillaume Lefrançois links to the site actforthetransition.ademe.fr to know all the existing levers.

App: Ecowatt

The main intervention of the evening was that of RTE, the transmission network operator of electricity. The speaker, Agathe Guilbart, did not go overboard: “The low hydraulic stock, the late development of renewable energies, the crisis in Ukraine, Russian gas, and the availability of the nuclear fleet which is less than years previous years mean that our margins have shrunk”. So we have to prepare for the worst.

The extreme case being power cuts during the winter period for businesses. To do this, a tool was created: Ecowatt, an application that indicates, in real time, the energy consumption of the French people, with a four-day view and three alert levels.

Videos: currently on Actu

The green signal, consumption is reasonable. Orange, consumption is beginning to be strained. We invite you to make sustained and complementary eco-gestures. Red is that we expect an imbalance between consumption and production in the coming days.

Agathe Guilbart, RTE

Energy sobriety means consuming less and at the best time all the time. “Red Ecowatt is the signal that we need to make even more efforts. For example, going from 19°C to 17°C. for a few days “. The goal being that these additional efforts made by companies, communities and individuals are sufficient to avoid the worst, namely, “the controlled, localized and programmed outage. Which would be the last resort,” says Agathe Guilbart.

It is a crisis situation. This is not a traditional management method. It’s the last resort before the network collapses. If we don’t have these cuts, it’s a blackout.

Stephanie Lefort.

But this scenario is indeed on the table.

Warned the day before

If, despite the efforts, the tension is still present, you will understand, RTE may request Enedis to implement temporary and targeted cuts.

On D-3, it will be indicated that there is a risk of cutting and that the effort must be made. The day before, at 7:30 p.m., on Ecowatta map is published of the departments that are likely to be affected.

At 9:30 p.m., there will be a link to the Enedis site which will allow you to enter your address and find out if you will be cut off the next day, or not. Cuts of two hours maximum. Over two identified periods: from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Questions/answers from entrepreneurs:

Frédéric Hamelin, Enedis territorial delegate for Calvados, was able to respond concretely to the entrepreneurs present on the implementation of the cuts. Four questions were identified:
How will we be contacted?
“Several means, depending on the client. By SMS, for customers, whose contact we have. Otherwise, there will be relays in the media. It will be widely relayed”.
On the morning beach, will we know the time at which we will be cut off?
“No, you won’t know. And a company cannot be cut in the morning and then in the evening. »
Response from the business manager: “In terms of organization, it’s complicated. Industrial machines, you can’t turn them off like that, it could damage them. And I’m not even talking about the reboot. Basically, it is better to plan a complete stop during the day”.
Is there a compensation fund in case of damage?
“No, it’s not planned.”
If I understood correctly, it is not the company that will be cut, but the whole area of ​​activity?
” Yes. We are forced to cut a large block of power.

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