Traveling alone: ​​which destinations to choose at the age of 60

Traveling alone it’s good for body and mind: science says so. According to a study published in the journal International Journal of Travel and Tourism Researchthe vacation alone it increases self-esteem and the feeling of freedom by clearing the mind of negative thoughts. In this regard, the latest statistics have shown that this is a growing trend especially among women between the ages of 18 and 64. Driven by the curiosity to explore new places, many senior they choose to embark on an adventure by taking a break from work and family routines. After all, as the French writing Paul Morand said “to leave is to win a fight against habit”.

How to organize a trip on your own

The idea of ​​traveling alone is certainly thrilling and exciting. In the collective imagination, the traveler solitary is a person who does not fear unexpected events, gifted with an adventurous spirit and little inclined to formalisms. But far from the stoic cinematic representations, a backpack on your shoulder is not always enough to leave. On the contrary. A minimum of organization, especially for newbies, never hurts.

In the initial planning stage of your trip, it can be helpful to establish a badget to be allocated to the experience, perhaps taking into account a little extra for emergencies. The next step concerns the choice of the destination: the suggestion is to choose a destination that is in line with your nature or that arouses particular curiosity.

Then it is necessary to make practical considerations on moving and, therefore, evaluate whether it is more comfortable to travel with your own vehicle or to rely on the various transportation services national (train, plane, ship, etc.). In this case, it is advisable to book both the outward and return journeys in consideration of the different options proposed by the reference company. The same goes for the choice of accommodation: the web is full of offers, just choose the one that best suits your needs.

Which destinations to choose

The choice of half it is always a puzzle for those looking for an exclusive holiday. For sure, in Italy there is no shortage of options since the beautiful country offers a wide variety of landscapes and climates. To the point that it is almost impossible to select the most suitable locations for a lone traveler. Not to mention that the type of experience one intends to live is also valid – indeed, above all -.

Trekking and hiking itineraries

For trekking enthusiasts ed hiking there are countless itineraries available. The Small Dolomites, a mountainous group located on the border between the provinces of Vicenza, Verona and Trento, are perfect for those who love walking at high altitude among sweet pastures and glimpses of unspoiled nature. A priceless experience.

Moving to the west side of Italy, the Valle d’Aosta offers an innumerable variety of tourist routes. Like, for example, the one that leads from Cogne to the Lillaz waterfalls where it is possible to admire the beautiful Utier stream from which the homonymous valley takes its name.

Who opts for the TuscanyInstead, he cannot give up a walk along the Chianti paths, among rows of vines and vineyards that connect some of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy: from Montefioralle to San Donato in Poggio.

Going south, in Campania, there is the beautiful Path of the Gods that runs along the Amalfi Coast from the Lattari Mountains to Positano. Legend has it that the gods walked the path to save Ulysses from the sirens. A truly magical itinerary.

City to see

There is no better occasion than summer to visit the great Italian cities. One of the most popular destinations is definitely Triesteotherwise known as “the city of the wind” because of the Bora which, especially during the winter, blows on the Friulian capital.

Piazza Unità d’Italia is the flagship of the city illuminated as it is, even late at night, by an orderly row of blue spotlights embedded in the ground that recall the sea. No less worthy of admiration are the majestic Cathedral of San Giusto, which stands on the mountain of the same name, and the Miramare Castle with its verdant park. Finally, you cannot miss a walk through the streets of the Borgo Teresiano crossed by the famous (and very photographed) Grand Canal.

Another destination for lone travelers is undoubtedly the beautiful one Bolzano. Known for its very long cycle paths (covering a total distance of about 50 km), Bolzano is a city in constant stylistic and architectural evolution. In addition to the Rafenstein Castle and the Episcopal Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Civic Museum, where Ötiz is kept, the famous Similaun mummy, and the Museum of Contemporary Art cannot be missing from the list of places to visit. Not to forget Piazza delle Erbe where stalls of colorful and fragrant flowers are displayed all year round.

Finally, the so-called cities of art cannot be missing. Venice, Turin, MilanFlorence, Bologna, Bari, Naples and Palermo are always a guarantee.

Small villages

Those who love to get lost in narrow streets and cobblestone streets can only aim for the splendid ones villages of Italy. A dip in the past, to discover the small hidden treasures of our beautiful country, is what you need after a year at the mercy of everyday life.

On the hills of Molise, for example, there is a real “village-favor”. It is about Civitanovacampomarano, a medieval village of 300 souls in the province of Campobasso. Among the major attractions of the place are the Angevin Castle, a building dating back to 1300, and the Merchant’s House, once used for the sale of bread. On the cliff of Cavatella you can admire, instead, the splendid Church of San Giorgio Martire which houses a representation of the Holy Family of great artistic value performed by an author still unknown today. And a few steps from the village, in Contrada Giardino, you can visit the Napoleonic cemetery, still preserved in excellent condition.

Civitanovacampomarano is also known for the Street Art Festival, which takes place in April, and the cavatelli festival which every year, in August, gathers hundreds of adhesions.

In the itineraries for the summer you cannot miss the beautiful Sicily. Borgo Parrini, in the hamlet of Partinico, in the province of Palermo, is certainly an almost obligatory stop for those who choose to explore the north-western side of the island. It was the “Parrini” (Jesuit Fathers of the Novitiate of Palermo) who gave the name to the small rural village where, between the sixteenth and seventh centuries, they erected a small church in honor of Santa Maria del Rosario.

In later times, with the transfer of ownership to the French Duke of Aumale Henry d’Orleans, and until the post-war years, the village experienced a period of decline. Until, at the dawn of 2020, a new work of enhancement and recovery of the territory began thanks to the fine intuition of the local entrepreneur Giuseppe Gaglio.

The multicolored walls of the buildings, inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean, are the most characteristic element of the place which, among others, houses the works of the famous sculptor and ceramist from Monreale Nicolò Giuliano. In short, a little gem that is really worth visiting.

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