Traps: the mayor repeals his decree against circuses with animals

In December 2021, the mayor of Trappes (Yvelines) banned the Europa circus from performing in the city. Before being contradicted by justice and the prefect. (©

The soap opera around the presence of circuses with animals in Traps (Yvelines) coming to an end. On July 27, the mayor of the town Ali Rabeh (Génération.s) repealed the municipal decree of November 9, 2020 which prohibited their installation on the territory of the city.

“The fight against animal abuse was a campaign commitment. We had made this decree like many other municipalities, recalls the first deputy mayor, Sandrine Grandgambe (Génération.s). But with use, we realized that it had not protected us. »

“This order was illegal”

Indeed, in December 2021, the mayor of Trappes had prohibited by decree the Cirque Europa from holding performances in the city. Before seeing this decision to be overturned by the court administration of Versailles and having to let the circus resume its shows. Justice had estimated that the measures taken by the City carried “a serious attack on the fundamental freedom which constitutes the freedom of the trade and the industry”.

The prefect of Yvelines also spoke out against this decree.

This standoff between the town hall and the circus community continued on January 17th. That day, the Circassians had blocked the N 10 for several hours in both directions near the town hall of Trappes.

In this fight, the Association for the defense of family circuses, which represents two thirds of the circuses in France, had seized the justice of three appeals against the mayor of Trappes. For this association, the repeal of the decree appears today as “good news”, according to Cyrille Emery, its general delegate.

The mayor explicitly recognizes that this decree was illegal. He had no right to prevent his fellow citizens from going to a circus performance. The law authorizes us to use wild animals until November 30, 2028.

Cyrille EmeryGeneral Delegate of the Association for the Defense of Family Circuses

On the side of Europa circus, we also welcome this decision. ” The law is the law. We are happy. This will be used for all the circuses in France, ”says its director, Sacha Gontelle, who does not rule out returning to Trappes in the future. “We will make the requests, we will see…”, he assures.

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Instead of this decree, the municipal council adopted, on July 4, a wish to ban circuses with wild and domestic animals.

“We stay on the same line. With this wish, we reaffirm our principles. We must not give up. We are faced with unacceptable behavior.”

Sandrine GrandgambeFirst Deputy Mayor of Trappes

The legal battle is not completely finished between the different parties. The Association for the Defense of Family Circuses maintains its complaint against the mayor of Trappes for defamation, public insults and obstruction of the dissemination of artistic creation.

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