Transporters from Tucumán announced a strike since Tuesday

Freight transport businessmen from Tucumán will carry out an indefinite strike in the province this Tuesday, as a protest against the lack of diesel in the region and to demand the same fuel prices as those offered in the center of the country.

“We ask for a federal policy, so that we get the same price of diesel as in the capital. We are not being competitive and we are not able to work because our clients do not accept the new rates, which are a consequence of the rise in the cost of fuel,” Eduardo Reinoso, president of the Association of Freight Carriers of Tucumán (ATCT), pointed out in dialogue with the newspaper La Gaceta.

The force measure will begin to be implemented from 0 on Tuesday, and will affect various items related to this service, such as the transfer of merchandise and agricultural products.

At the end of May, the freight transport business chamber had announced a strike due to the diesel crisis, but the efforts of the provincial government, led by Governor Osvaldo Jaldo, led to the suspension of the protest.

However, in the sector they warn that the problem due to the shortage of fuel and the rise in prices persists, for which they finally decided to carry out the force measure.

Last Thursday, Jaldo had warned that this decision will exacerbate the problems.

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