Trainer listened to Diego Díaz and denounced him for sexual harassment

A coach listened to Diego Díaz and denounced him for sexual harassment. This is Juli Sagaseta, who charged the journalist for having mentioned his neckline.

The young woman told, through Instagram stories, how the unpleasant episode she experienced in the gym was. “A disgusting being appears, I see that he approaches me and wants to say something to me. I take out my headphones and say ‘what?’ He approaches me again, literally pressing his lips to my ear “‘How are you going to wear that neckline?’

And then, the influencer who has more than 20,000 followers on her account, told how she reacted to the driver’s misplaced comment: “At another time in my life I would have been very uncomfortable, but on the contrary, a lot of indignation came from my soul, answer him and locate him”.

As he posted, in addition, it would not be the first time that the communicator incurs in these reprehensible attitudes. “I have already heard several comments from that unhappy man. It seems that he only goes to the gym to intimidate many women,” he said.

Finally, he sent a message to Diego Díaz and told him: “Perhaps that way you will stop a bit and understand that a woman is always respected. That if she is dressed as she is sung, it is not for a pa… like you come up to her and harass her.” /Minute One

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