Tragedy: a truck driver sucked in a lung and died at the wheel

An unfortunate accident claimed the life of a 48-year-old truck driver, who died at the wheel while en route to Chile.

According to police sources, the incident occurred in the afternoon of last Saturday, on National Route 52º.

According to what was stated by the witnesses, the deceased was on board a Scania brand truck. The man came from Mendoza and was destined for Chile.

While he was at the Paso de Jama border post in Jujuy, waiting to enter the neighboring country, Fabián Escudero took a breath and ended up dying inside the cabin.

Alerted because he was not moving forward, the guardians of order approached and found the worst: Escudero was lying lifeless.

Members of the 20th Sectional of Susques and paramedics from the Same worked at the scene, who verified that the trucker did not show any vital signs.

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