Toni Costa is moved to tears with a message from her daughter Alaïa on Father’s Day

Tony Costa received the most special surprise for Father’s Day. His daughter Alaiafruit of the relationship he had with Adamari Lopez, sent a beautiful message via video to his dad, who is competing in La Casa de los Famosos. A most exciting moment in which the Spanish dancer could not hold back his tears.

“Happy Father’s Day. Even if you enjoy the House of Celebrities with your friends and I’m supporting you and I’m watching you, I’m in your heart all the time. Time goes by fast. I love you so much daddy, Happy Father’s Day I love you so much,” the 7-year-old began.

“Mommy, Lili, me and Ava and all the people, your friends, your friends are rooting for you to win The House of Celebrities. And I miss you, but I know you’re okay in there and I know you’re having a good time. I love you very much, Happy Father’s Day,” added Alaïa, melting her dad and causing him many tears of emotion to see her again.

After so many weeks without hearing his daughter’s voice, the choreographer could not help but be moved and thanked Adamari López for making it possible to live this moment, which will surely give him a shot of energy for the contest.

On the little girl’s Instagram account for this day marked on the calendar they also published a video that includes tender photos of father and daughter. “Happy Father’s Day. Daddy, I love you and I miss you so much! #ElTiempoPasaRápido,” reads the bottom of the publication.

A video that will surely make you especially excited to see Toni Costa when she leaves the house and can hug her princess after so much time apart.

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