Together for Change in the City exploded: Martín Lousteau against everyone and Jorge Macri, tougher

Martin Lousteau He already achieved half of his goal: Together for Change As of today, it ceases to be a united space where everyone pulls to the same side, personal passions prevailed with a view to the succession of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and the podium of pre-candidates without a bath of humility so far continues to fill. There are many people for one position, they are looks that go from heterogeneity to antagonism with the speed of the focus, the bible that gave rise to and governs part of the life of those who administer power in Uspallata, the management center and political laboratory of macrismo .

“This is not betrayal, this is called despair and it shows.” There’s something broke in Together for Change, a political space where good manners are valued and candidates politely wait for their turn to play when they are told to. This was almost always the case, except for the internship of Gabriela Michetti y Larreta, which determined the growth of many and exile in Uruguay, for example in the life of Guillermo Montenegro, in others.

The phrase, from one of the owners of the PRO of yesteryear, summarizes the view that a heavy part of the Buenos Aires leadership has as of today in the figure of the Minister of Health, Fernan Quiros, and in the eternal candidate, Martín Lousteau, who has already warned that he wants to go again for the Buenos Aires government headquarters. Then one more candidate was launched, who arrives and begins his journey removing the splinters of the conflict with the medical residents, which did not end but is no longer what it was when they charged 121,000 pesos 90 days ago.

“Look, this came to me today”, Osvaldo, a young man from a retirement center showed a WhatsApp message to a woman who accompanies Jorge Macri on tours that said that, at the request of María Migliore, no one receives Jorge Macri in their territorial declines. The woman’s face was transformed: “The new politics wants to play like this, we are going to play like this,” she defined, as a prelude to an inmate who will have Matanzas lineage despite the imported perfume.

“Horacio has to order and stop fucking around, there cannot be seven candidates at one point when Jorge has the blessing of Mauricio and Patricia, Waldo was the only one who understood it, and for that reason he will be taken into account next year “, summed up an official who enters the offices of Uspallata with a smile and always combined shirts.

Lousteau has a challenge ahead, and they let him know: a mysterious file detailing the thousands of appointments that Cristina’s former minister demanded for the City to make peace with its Evolution space. There are all colors and amounts, even in ministries such as Security, where at the time the receiver was Diego Santilli, also today suffering from the migraine of not growing in BsAs.

Soledad Acuña warned her political bosses just in case that she does not want to have personal problems with Jorge Macri, whom she respects and has known for a long time. “He measures 1.7, not bad to begin with,” ironized a larretista with a black palate, who recognizes the invention of candidacies to position leaders who end up being legislators or ministers of the successor government. The PRO ends good forms like this, and Lousteau understood the fast game.

Perhaps the one who should better understand the forms is his owner and shu shih tzu martial art coach Emiliano Yacobitti, who prays that he will not receive a complaint from “Tano Gentile” for the pineapple he gave him in an act a few days ago when Gentile criticized openly to Lousteau for his Kirchnerist past.

“With a son in his arms we are all handsome,” Yacobitti proposed, watching how Gentile then passed his son into the arms of another. Punches rained down automatically from the stage, which were ended with shouts and loud accusations from both sides. Anomalies of a new policy.

What they are studying in Uspallata is whether this fierce internship in the City affects the project of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, today positioned as a natural candidate for the space with a Patrici Bullrich who is asking for clues and money for his campaign. Larreta already knows that the financing of his campaign and that of Santilli are in the magnifying glass of friendly fire. It will be a matter of sitting down and understanding each other.

It is part of this boy who is desperate because he sees that the numbers in the City are not what he expected.

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