Today’s weather, November 25: nice and sunny Friday, how will the weekend be?

East friday november 25 A day with pleasant weather and clear skies is expected in the City of Buenos Aires and surroundings. The temperature for today will be 19°C minimum and 29° maximumaccording to the National Meteorological Service (SMN).

The SMN reported that this Friday a morning with a temperate environment and very good weather. The sky will be partly cloudy, then the weather is expected to improve in the afternoon, where there will be a warm weather with good weather and clear skies. The temperature will exceed 28°C.

During the night of Friday, a wind chill is forecast that will remain close to 22 degrees. The temperate to warm environment will continue with clear skies and good weather. Humidity will be 78%.

The extended forecast It foresees that days with mornings with a temperate atmosphere and afternoons with good and hot weather are coming. East Saturday a mild to warm morning is expected and then there will be hot weather with good weather. The sky will be clear with cloudy intervals. The minimum temperature will be 20 degrees and the maximum 32°C.

The Sunday It will be presented with a warm morning with partly cloudy skies. In the afternoon, there will be a temperate to hot environment with a temperature that will be close to 30 degrees. The minimum temperature will be 22 degrees and the maximum will be 30°.

How will the weather be in Córdoba and Santa Fe?

On the other hand, in the province of Cordova a warm to warm morning is expected. The temperature will increase towards noon and a very hot afternoon with clear skies is expected. The minimum temperature will be 21 degrees and the maximum will reach 37°C.

Finally, in the province of Santa Fe Friday is expected with good, hot weather and mostly clear skies for much of the day. The minimum temperature will be 20° and the maximum is 36°C.

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