Today’s horoscope Friday November 25, 2022

ARIES (March 21- April 20)-

Work and business: when you evaluate what is missing to reach your goals, you will be in for a surprise. Love: it is convenient to put aside your interest in controlling everything in the couple; Relax.

TAURUS (April 21-May 20)-

Work and business: things will go in a way that does not suit you. Conducive to the low profile. Love: the challenge of a new stage will lift your spirits and improve intimacy.

GEMINI (May21-June21)-

Work and business: a commercial proposal will please you for its convenience but it will bring changes. Love: your great seduction will not prevent you from falling under the charm of someone special.

CANCER (June22-July23)-

Work and business: a delicate matter will plunge you into restlessness but the missing elements will arrive. Love: someone you are attracted to will bring an unexpected solution to an old problem.

LEO (July24-August23)-

Work and business: data will arrive with valuable information that will be translated into concrete facts. Love: a casual meeting will lead to romance at first sight; she will fall in love.

VIRGO (August 24-Sept 23)-

Work and business: your intuitive capacity will guide you in meetings because it is convenient to facilitate agreements. Love: an artistic affinity will reveal your soul mate and love will do the rest.

LIBRA (Sept. 24-October 22)-

Work and business: favorable conditions for business but some laziness will delay success. Love: harmony will create a climate of seduction and absence of conflict in the couple.

SCORPIO (Oct.23-Nov.22)-

Work and business: a new associate will value your skills and will involve you in a project. Love: not everything will pass through the physical. Your inner world will renew the affinity in the relationship.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov23-Dec21)-

Work and business: ill-intentioned people will try to damage your image but they will not succeed. Love: in a dispute between the couple, it will be convenient to make peace; the attraction will grow.

CAPRICORN (Dec22-Jan20)-

Work and business: the day will improve if you adapt to changes that come unforeseen. Everything will be fine. Love: if you perceive signs of coldness, it is not convenient to postpone the dialogue in the couple.

AQUARIUS (Jan21-Feb19)-

Work and business: everything will be difficult. You will overcome the problems but a change will be imminent. Love: you will meet someone who chooses you as you are, without removing or adding anything. Happiness.

PISCES (Feb20-March20)-

Work and business: your rich intuition will capture what others do not see. A valuable contribution will make you grow. Love: contradictions, wants something but doesn’t want to make the effort; time to mature

If you have a birthday today, you are a person: not very sociable but when you can, entertain your friends with a lunch

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