Tiziano Gravier broke the silence and recounted what happened on the night of the brutal attack

In the early hours of Sunday, June 5, Tiziano Gravier was brutally attacked outside a bowling alley in Rosario. The son of Valeria Mazza and Alejandro Gravier was with his brother Benicio and two of his friends when he was attacked by two individuals who called him “Tincho” and beat him without saying another word. His case had great media coverage, due to his famous parents and also for portraying a situation of violence that is repeated in society.

Both Valeria and Alejandro were speaking these days, communicating the respective medical reports and even confronting the aggressors’ lawyer, who doubted the young man’s injuries. Tiziano, for his part, had not made public statements until this Wednesday, when he broke the silence in an interview with Telenoche.

“Little by little improving,” Tiziano summed up interviewed by the host Luciana Geuna and proceeded to tell the evolution of his health. “The first operation was the invoice of the jaw. The second operation was because they found another fissure and I still have four screws that in theory are going to be removed next week, “said the young man, adding. “The first two weeks I had rubber bands that wouldn’t let me talk or eat anything. The worst is over,” he noted optimistically.Tiziano Gravier and Valeria Mazza after the first operation (Instagram)

In this sense, he referred to the first days after the operation. “Emotionally they were complicated, I was worried for a while, I had ups and downs. It was good that many friends came to visit me at the hospital and at home, ”he said more calmly and added that little by little he is returning to his routine. “Yesterday I went back to the University because I had a faculty to take a final. I took advantage of the long weekend and it went well”, said the student of the Digital Business career at the University of San Andrés.

What is going to have to wait a bit is his sports career, since the aggression frustrated the trip with the alpine ski team to France, where they carry out the preseason. Meanwhile, Titian began his own work. He was able to start training some things without impact, a stationary bike like starting to do something. I have a ticket to the south for July 16 where we would have two weeks of hard training, because the South American circuit, which is the most important, starts on August 5. I’m about to be there,” he enthused.

The athlete told in first person and in great detail his vision of aggression. He had gone out with some cousins, and at the exit of the bowling alley they went to look for some friends at another, five blocks away. And when they were leaving, what everyone saw happened. “I was with my brother, we crossed the street, I hear someone on my right say “Hey, tincho”, and when I look at him I feel like a blow. I don’t have time to reply or react. I never see the first one who hits me, I couldn’t recognize him, “he said.Tiziano Gravier integrates the Argentine alpine ski team (Instagram)Tiziano Gravier integrates the Argentine alpine ski team (Instagram)

“I have an image from the side that I see how they go to my brother and it was instinctive to get my brother out of there. I regain my balance and run, with the clean and jerk I push him and bring him with me and we run. He was already spitting up blood and I knew his jaw was broken,” he recounted in pain. Tiziano and his brother escaped and were able to communicate with his parents. “It was a terrible call, because he had the feeling that his jaw was broken,” he added.

When Valeria and Alejandro arrived, they went straight to the hospital. “When they told me that they had to hospitalize me, everything fell apart a little. I got sad, because you walk into the room and you feel so vulnerable, ”she admitted. There Geuna asked him if he had been through similar situations: “‘Hey Tincho’ they had never told me,” acknowledged the athlete, and reflected on the fact: “I understand that this case had a lot of repercussions, but I am not the first and unfortunately I am not I think it’s the last. Today there is a lot of violence, I don’t think these kids hit me because they knew who my parents were. I want to contribute my grain of sand so that it does not happen again, “he added.

From then on, he went through different sensations. At first she felt “total anger” that later turned into anguish. “I didn’t understand what had happened. She was looking for a logical explanation as to why. I was in a bad mood all the time and I had to slowly accept this new reality and the recovery process that the body has.” And when they consulted him about whether the aggression was pursuing him, he was moved. “Less and less, the first few days he was quite ugly. That moment when you are alone in your room before bed. But now it’s over, I’ve had surgery twice and I’m thinking about recovering.”

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