TIKTOK: It slipped into the mix! Lizard is trapped in the wall for getting into the cement

Thousands of extremely funny videos and other surprising ones are shared on social networks that we could not imagine that such a thing would happen, as it was on this occasion where a bricklayer found a lizard in the casting.

Some construction specialists found a lizard inside one of the columns he was building, everyone wonders how this happened and this is what is known about this mischievous lizard.

This video was shared by user TikTok @aguilar1k, this is where we can see this little lizard attached to one of the columns with dry cement. The big surprise was when these Mexican workers were able to get her out of there alive.

“Poor thing, it’s a miracle!” Was the comment of one of them.

While they gradually break the cement that was already a bit dry, you can see how this little green animal moves to get rid of the mixture.

“From the creators of ‘Rescuing Private Ryan’ now rescuing the lizard,” one of them released about the situation. “We are going to rescue you, little girl,” he continued.

With great care and techniques used by them, they were able to get this little lizard safe and sound out of the cement. The video has gone viral very quickly and so far it has more than 600,000 reactions and many comments thanking the workers for helping the little animal.

  • “I love you so much, Mr. Lizard Rescuer”
  • “The lizard arriving with his family: they will not believe what happened to me”
  • “How nice to see that they value lives even if they are tiny beings”
  • “It’s nice to know that there are worthwhile human beings”
  • “Imagine if it had remained there in thousands of years, they would have an ancient fossil”

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