Thunderhead: what is the “mysterious” object that fell in a town in Izabal and amazed the residents

Residents of a town in the south of Izabal were surprised to hear the noise caused by the fall of an object in a wooded area last Friday, according to local media reports.

The strange contraption caused astonishment in the locality and led to the locals gave various opinions about what the mysterious device was, who, apparently, was rescued from the undergrowth.

Due to its structure, some They commented that it was a satellite, or part of it, which had fallen in the area.

However, the site stratocat states on its website that It is a specialized Thunderhead balloon.

According to the widget’s log, it was released on April 26. from Santa Fe County, New Mexico, USA

The object, which depending on the site, was in charge of Raven Aerostar, firm specializing in handling hot air balloons for different purposes.

According to the specifications, the flight lasted 14 days and 10 hours and its last flight position It was recorded near the Zarquito River, in Izabal.

Flight path of the contraption. (Photo:

An object with several purposes

According to the site, the Thunderhead balloon system it is a “multipurpose” platform developed by the firm Raven Aerostar.

They have missions of all kinds in the stratosphere as their objective of long lasting land.

This type of hot air balloons have navigation capacity and “the possibility of carrying out persistent flights over areas of interest”.

These structures can navigate alone or together “to accomplish a wide range of tasks”, depending on the site.

Tasks can range from intelligence, surveillance or reconnaissance missions, to “serve as an alternative to satellite communications,” adds the page.

Likewise, they could terrestrial, marine or environmental study missions.

They are pumpkin-shaped, made of polyethylene in various sizes, ranging from 64 thousand to 400 thousand cubic feet.

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They can fly at high altitudes, above commercial air routes and weather phenomena with a load of up to 125 pounds, and helium is used to inflate them.

The object carries a “command type” to collect and send data important, similar to a minisatellite.

The contraption can last in the air anywhere from a few days to two months, the site says.

Structure of the Thunderhead balloon system. (Photo:
Photo of a specialized balloon in full flight. (Photo:

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