Three young people will represent Cuba in international beauty contests

Cuba will participate, for the first time since the 1960s, in three of the international beauty pageants Most important in the world: Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational Y Mister Supranationalin its 2022 editions.

Daniela Espinosa, Liz Rodriguez Y Luis Daniel Galvez They are the Cuban representatives chosen in Miami to participate in these contests.

The Miss and Mister Cuba contest was in charge of preparing the five girls who competed to represent Cuba in Miss Grand International and Miss Supranational, and the same number of men who competed to be the Cuban heartthrob at Mister Supranational.

Daniela Espinosa26, was chosen to represent the Caribbean country in the tenth edition of the Miss Grand International to be held in Indonesia in October this year.

In a video posted on Twitter through the official account of Miss and Mister Cuba, Daniela shared that her main motivation for competing is to have the opportunity to represent her country in an international beauty pageant, “to exalt her culture and demonstrate that We Cubans have a lot to offer the world”.

For its part, Liz Rodriguez Y Luis Daniel Galvez They will be the ones representing the island in the 13th edition of Miss Supranational and the 6th edition of Mister Supranational, respectively, which will take place next July in Poland.

At 18 years old, Liz found that her greatest incentive to compete and become Miss Cuba is “having the opportunity to highlight the beauty of Cuban women, of whom I am very proud. My contribution in this contest is to show everyone that sees me that no matter who you are or where you come from, we are all capable of inspiring someone from our personal experiences.”

Luis Daniel, 27 years old, is super happy to represent not only his country, “but all Cubans who travel the world looking for the desire of their hearts and their goals. Show the world what we are capable of and our ability to get up.”

The team that brings Miss and Mister Cuba to life is made up of the Venezuelan model and Miss Tourism International, Faddya Halabi; the publicist Rafael Ingannamorte; actor, designer and fashion consultant Prince Julius Caesarand the Venezuelan athlete Jesus Fuenmayor.

Prince Julio César, national director of Miss and Mister Supranational Cuba and Miss Grand International Cuba, pointed out that the fact that the largest community of Cuban émigrés is in Miami, will allow “to put on a wonderful and incredible show, for the first time.”

For the Venezuelan lawyer, the main objective is “to make the contestants and winners participate in the most important beauty pageants in the world, as spokespersons and practitioners of real social causes.”

In statements to CyberCubaFaddya Halabi explained that “the misses and the misters are chosen in three different types of casting, where we were able to see different boys and make the best decision to choose the candidates who go to the final”.

Halabi specified to this medium the requirements that the applicants had to meet: “The girls between the ages of 18 and up to 29, single, without children, with a talent, with a height of 1.60 onwards. The boys from 19 years to 33 , who were not married, without children and with a height of 1.60 or more like women”.

According to the official page Miss & Mister Cuba“it is a beauty pageant with a high production standard, framed in a great show, where its protagonists are the most beautiful women and the most handsome men in Cuba.”

However, this platform, in addition to highlighting the beauty of the Caribbean island, will also be a space to “promote social causes, the tourist and cultural benefits of the country.”

From the participation of Cuba in these contests, new talents will be discovered, “women and men who promote values ​​such as respect, humility and love,” added Prince Julio.

For his part, Halabi assured that “it is a joy for the Cuban people to have these representations and that the talent and beauty of the Cuban people, which is incredible, are beginning to be recognized.”

The Miss and Mister Supranational are women’s and men’s beauty pageants that are held every year in Poland, and are among the most prestigious in the world. Miss Grand International, meanwhile, is a beauty pageant franchise that annually holds a contest of this type.

It is not the first time that a girl of Cuban origin represents the island in one of the most prestigious international beauty pageants. In 2015, the actress and model Jamillette Gaxiola, born in Mexico and of a Cuban mother, participated in the 64th edition of Miss Universe.

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