Three young people convicted of transporting drugs from Santa Fe to Salta

Three young peopleimputed for drug transport aggravated, were sentenced last Friday by the Federal Oral Court No. 1 of Salta. The sentence, of 6 years in prisonwas issued at the request of the accusation promoted by the federal prosecutor Ricardo Toranzos, from the Complex Cases Area of ​​the Salta Fiscal Unit.

Augusto Emanuel García, Germán Agustín Ríos Craba and Raúl Roque Lagunawere arrested on May 7, 2021 during a controlled delivery procedure that took place days before, on April 27, when the Airport Security Police (PSA) detected a parcel with possible content of narcotics in the Logistic Center of the Argentine Mail, in Rosario.

Based on this, the federal prosecutor Adriana Saccone, of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office No. 3 of that city of Santa Fe, requested the opening of the package to the Federal Court No. 4, in charge of Marcelo Bailaque, as well as that progress be made with the controlled delivery in case drugs are found.

After opening the parcel and finding 5 kilos of marijuanawhich was replaced by another item of similar weight, the package continued its travel route to the town of Joaquin V. Gonzalez in Salta.

Controlled delivery: how was the arrest of those now convicted

Once the procedural steps of the case were completed, and given the territorial incompetence of the jurisdiction of Rosario, prosecutor Toranzos carried out the arrest of the accused, a task that was in charge of the Operational Unit for the Control of Drug Trafficking and Complex Crimes of the North of the PSA. . I also know they raided their homes, in Metán, and in Misiones, to find the supplier.

The first detainee was Crab Rivers, who had come to pick up the package with someone else’s driver’s license, since the parcel was addressed to a friend of the accused. Leaving the premises, the young man tried to resist, but was quickly subdued.

In addition, Garcia, who was waiting outside at the wheel of a Renault Clio car, when he saw the arrest of his accomplice, he started the escape, which was joined by Laguna, who was in a nearby square. The two young people left in the vehicle, but were later detained at a service station.

During the procedure, Ríos Craba stated that the drug belonged to Laguna and that he had been hired to collect the parcel, in exchange for which he would receive a payment of 40,000 pesos.

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