Three days later, the rescue of the miners is complicated

The rescue of the 10 miners who have been trapped for three days in a mine in Sabinas, Coahuila, has been hampered by flooding in wells in the accident area.

Laura Velázquez, national coordinator of Civil Protection, said that it is “essential to reduce the level of the water mirror in the area of ​​the incident to be in a position to allow the safe entry of specialized search and rescue personnel.”

Despite the extraction work, the water in the wells has only been lowered from 34 to 30 meters deep.

Given this situation, the team in charge of the emergency decided, on the recommendation of specialists, to drill two holes in the area where the mine is located and “put up a curtain to prevent more water from reaching the wells,” said the undersecretary of the Secretary of National Defense, Agustín Rádiala Suástegui.

As far as they manage to pump the water, a team of divers prepares to enter. The The Coahuila Prosecutor’s Office asked the relatives for the particular details of the trapped workers in order to identify thembut without clarifying if there is progress in the rescue.

The team drilled in the area. AFP

Miners risk life out of necessity

Luis Armando Ontiveros once again asked himself if it is worth risking his life in the coal mines after the accident in Sabinas, Coahuila, where 10 colleagues remain trapped. But You must do it so that your children study and do not have to follow in your footsteps..

“When everything is fine, you don’t think about the danger. But things are already happening and you think about quitting, looking for another job,” admits Luis Armando near the sinkhole where rescuers have been fighting to get the trapped workers out alive since last Wednesday.

He himself survived a similar event, when a 60-meter-deep sinkhole collapsed when suddenly flooded. Five workers managed to escape.

Luis Armando has a monthly salary equivalent to about 500 dollars on average, just over 10 thousand pesos.

“My dad is not going to resist it”

Although relatives maintain the faith that their loved ones will be rescued alive, the hopes of others are dashed.

“If something were to happen to him, which I hope to God not, my father will not resist it,” says María Guadalupe Cabriales, referring to her brother Mario Alberto, one of those trapped. “He (his father, Antonio) is hopeful, but at the same time he believes that he is not going to leave,” she adds about the expressions of the 81-year-old man, who also worked in the mines and taught Mario the trade. Albert.


Relatives of the workers hold a vigil around the mine. THE UNIVERSAL

upon request

Jalisco helps with special pumping equipment

At the request of the National Water Commission (Conagua), the Secretariat for Integrated Water Management sent a 100 horsepower submersible pump that has the capacity to pump 30 liters of water per second and thus reinforce the work of extracting the water that floods the mine. The equipment was transported by air.

Civil protection

accident details

  • Laura Velázquez, national coordinator of Civil Protection, explained that the accident site is 350 meters from a tributary of the Sabinas River and 370 meters from the Conchas Norte mine.
  • On the map you can see the location of three wells, which are flooded. Pump arrangements have been installed in order to lower the water mirror so that the search and rescue forces can safely enter the mine.
  • The location of two holes can be seen, where pumping equipment was placed that has allowed expanding the existing pumping capacities.
  • The Conchas Norte mine is also appreciated, which is presumed to be connected to the Pinabete mine. A decrease in its water levels (30 meters) has been observed since the accident.

Hours pass without access to the mine

Rescuers are in the area waiting to enter the wells, about 60 meters deep, to start the rescue of the trapped miners since Wednesday.


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