Three children played with a lighter in the room, set fire to a mattress and set the whole house on fire


Three children aged 1, 3 and 5 were playing with a lighter in the bedroom and caused their house to catch fire.

Three children aged 1.3 and years were in the bedroom of their home, located at 600 Reconquista Street, Santa Fe, while they were playing with a lighter. This dangerous action caused a fire in the mattress which ended up causing his house to catch fire.

The Zapadores Firefighters of San Lorenzo and the Naval Prefecture of Puerto San Martín participated yesterday afternoon in putting out a fire.

According to the story of the mother of the little 26-year-old children, the three were playing with a lighter in the main room of the house, and that’s where they made the flames.

The fire reached a mattress in the bedroom which caught fire in an instant and from there the fire began to spread. Property damage was significant, but no one was injured.

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