Threat, arson and conviction: “I’m going to kill them all”

Room 2 of the Trial Court sentenced a man for the crime of arson to three and a half years in prison of effective compliance

The Family and Gender Violence Criminal Prosecutor of Orán, Soledad Filtrín Cuezzo, represented the Public Prosecutor’s Office during the trial after carrying out the investigation that began in 2017 when A woman reported that her partner had shown up at her home, where she was sleeping with her children Y, after telling him that he was going to kill them all, he set fire to the mattress. The fire spread throughout the house, causing total destruction.

The fire department report confirmed that the fire had started intentionally. The start of the trial was delayed because the man had been declared in absentia in other cases, which prevented the debate hearing from taking place.

After reading the sentence, the defendant was made available to the Salta Penitentiary Service.

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