This is what is known about the tragic death of Diego Bertie

The entertainment world is in mourning.

Today it was announced that the Peruvian actor Diego Bertie, 54, died after falling from the 14th floor of your building.

The news was confirmed by the commander of the General Corps of Volunteer Firefighters of Peru, Mario Casaretto.

According to official reports, the South American actor would have fallen from the 14th floor of the building where he lived, located in the district of Miraflores.

The authorities reported that Bertie was immediately transferred to the Casimiro Ulloa hospital, but Unfortunately it arrived lifeless.

In the same way, the commander stated that: “It is unfortunate news, the person of Diego Bertie has been found in his garage with multiple fractures in his legs and back”, he pointed. “He has been transferred to the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital where he has arrived as a corpse, unfortunate news. We are waiting for the hospital to give its statement to certify what is apparently a confirmed issue. Yes (he has passed away), it is the confirmation we have”.

Although preliminary information indicates that Bernie was isolated after being infected with Covid-19 in previous weeks, social network users that this fact could have been related to emotional problems, pointing to the theory that the actor did not fall by accident, Otherwise, he would have committed suicide.

Local media and celebrities were present with their condolencesamong which we highlight the Great National Theater of Peru:

The actress and former Peruvian beauty queen, Karina Calmetalso shared his dismay at Bertie’s sensitive passing:

an actor like no other

Diego Bertie was always characterized by his great versatility to work on television and in the theater, as well as in music.

Born in the Peruvian capital in 1967, Diego’s artistic beginnings were marked by his foray into music, after during his university years he formed the rock band Images, with which he produced and published a music album in 1988.

After trying his luck in music, he studied psychology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, but realized that his true passion was the artistic medium and he returned to it by introducing himself to acting.

In 1987 he had the opportunity to work in the musical play “Annie” in its Peruvian version, and in 1990 he achieved his first leading role in the telenovela The man who must die, next to Carlos Alcantara.

Among his most important participations we find:

  • Without compassion (1994): Film directed by Francisco José Lombardi award winner”A certain regard” of the Cannes Film Festival, and with which he was awarded the prize for “Best Actor” at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana that same year.

Without compassion (1994) is an adaptation of the novel Crime and Punishment set in the city of Lima in the 1990s. Photo: Cannes
  • Things of love (nineteen ninety six): This Peruvian soap opera earned him to be a creditor to the El Sol de Oro de México Award, in the category for Best Leading Actor in a Telenovela.
    It is worth mentioning that thanks to this telenovela he was also awarded the Palmas de Oro Awards for Best Leading Actor Foreign Telenovela in 2001.
  • hunting a millionaire (2001): This production starred Diego Bertie and Fabiola Colmenares. For her he was nominated in 2004 for Bulgarian Telenovela Award in the category of Best Leading Actorin which he was the winner.

Throughout his career he managed to record 27 telenovelas, 18 films, and participated in more than 29 productions.

Rest in peace, Diego Bertie.


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