This is how the Mendoza deputies voted during the session for the Zero Alcohol Driving Law

The Front of All, with divided opinion

Mendoza referents of front of all They voted divided, which may explain a certain reserve they maintained during the week when it came to expressing their opinion on the subject.

A) Yes, Adolfo Bermejo Y Liliana Paponet supported the legislative proposal, while Eber Perez Plaza nay.

zero alcohol adolfo bermejo.jpg

For his part, Marisa Uceda was located within the group of 4 legislators who abstained.

Marisa Uceda 222.jpg

Marisa Uceda (PJ) abstained.

Marisa Uceda (PJ) abstained.

Mendoza radicals and PRO rejected the Zero Alcohol Law

In contrast, members of Together for Change showed more uniform opinions.

the radicals Julio Cobos, Jimena Latorre, Lisandro Nieri Y Pamela Verasay voted against, as did the PRO duo that they form Omar De Marchi Y alvaro martinez.

Jimena Latorre deputy.jpg

Jimena Latorre during her speech in Deputies.

Jimena Latorre during her speech in Deputies.

As for the rest of the legislators, there was a majority consensus when it came to praising the reform of Law 24,449, and -to the alarm of the wine sectors- a similar scenario is anticipated in the Senate.

Here, the complete list of the vote this thursday:

vote zero alcohol behind the wheel.pdf

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