They will exhort Torreón dependencies to train personnel in attention to suicide crises

Unanimously, the Cabildo de Torreón approved this Thursday a point of agreement in which the Municipal Directorates of Public Security, Civil Protection and Firefighters, Roads and Urban Mobility and Public Health are urged to implement training for their elements so that have the necessary preparation for intervention in suicidal crises.

During the thirteenth ordinary session, the eighth councilor Karla Liliana Centeno Félix stated that according to Inegi and data provided by the State Attorney General’s Office, in 2021 there were 121 suicides in the Metropolitan Area of ​​La Laguna (ZML), 22 cases more than those reported in 2020. The mayor said that 52% of the cases were reported in the population between 20 and 39 years old plus 11% between 10 and 19 years old, which gives an average of one suicide every three days.

“It is evident that the complex situation of the pandemic played an important role in the rise of this unfortunate incidence, however, we have shown that as a municipal government we do not sit idly by and remain attentive to the call of reality.”, he commented.

He added that in this month of June the training of at least 30 agents belonging to the corporations that make up the Special Command of La Laguna was carried out, in addition to the activities organized by the DIF Torreón System and the DIF Coahuila.

Based on the foregoing and, taking into account the progressivity of human rights as well as the obligations that they have as the highest body of authority in the Municipality, Centeno Félix proposed said point of agreement to train the municipal offices that acquire the quality of first responder and in this way to be able to respond in a timely and effective manner to suicidal crises.

“We bet on prevention but in no way can we neglect attention, and I invite you to, in addition to casting a vote in favor, form a work team and give timely follow-up to this problem, let’s face it in a real and forceful way to this problem that involves us and concerns us all”, express.

In September 2020, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) warned today that the COVID-19 pandemic could exacerbate suicide risk factors, so it urged people to talk about it openly and responsibly, stay connected even during the physical distancing, and learn to identify the warning signs to prevent it.

It was also revealed that the coronavirus was affecting the mental health of many people. “Data from recent studies show an increase in anguish, anxiety and depression, especially health workers, which, added to violence, alcohol use disorders, substance abuse, and feelings of loss, are important factors that can increase the risk that a person decides to take his own life,” said PAHO. In addition, they recommended incorporating mental health and psychosocial support into COVID-19 response plans and efforts. Some recommendations included providing remote or virtual care, adapting and disseminating messages for the general population, as well as for populations at higher risk, and training health workers and other members of the community on the subject.

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